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Why our app builder is superior?

Realtime updates & notifications

See changes immediately in your iPhone app with our realtime wrapper. It contains all the elements you need and it will update all elements in seconds. No need to administer a release as the changes you make are in real-time. You can also send push notifications easily through the dashboard. Keep your users engaged with new offers!

Realtime updates & notifications

Templates & Multimedia features

Various templates are available, ranging from music to crypto currencies or medical app templates. You can not only insert videos and music but also host your videos on our platform. Take advantage of the features offered to enhance your brand.

Templates & Multimedia features

Easy to use editor

UX Builder allows you to create and design page as you would in a WYSIWYG editor, in a similar fashion to creating a website. UX Builder enables you to apply different colors to different elements in your application, giving users a fantastic User-Interface. UX Builder enables you to create and manage events on your IOS app. It is an amazing features to help you organize meetings for your organisation and business.

Easy to use editorEasy to use editor

Full Service Custom Mobile App Development

The UX Builder proved to significantly improve the ease of creating an app. There is no need to be an expert in iOS to start building an app with the App builder. Just sign up, create an app and add pages to your app. Then with the WYSIWYG editor you can add elements to pages, not very different than a website editor. Biggest benefits of using the builder are:

See changes in realtime on all clients connected to the platform. That way you can make small changes to your app like fixing typos in a matter of seconds.

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