Users of your app can sign up to use the app and you can see the users in the user management admin page. Users can sign up, login and authenticate with the app in a safe and secure way.

You can have a sign-up page on your application where users can create an account and submit the data. We collect the user data for you and display it on the user management admin page for easy access. Users can sign up, log in, and authenticate with the app safely and securely. It ensures the security of user data On the events panel, you can send events to all users or specific groups.

User management

Users can then sign up for those events, and submit the data on your admin side. If you want, you can send instant notifications to your users. They can click on a message notification and submit a form through the app. You can view what data you have collected from them.

The app also gives you the ability to group your customers - for example, you can have a group of loyal customers vs. other customers. Or, if it's a human resources application, you can send notifications to a whole department or just a specific user.