Be updated for corporate events

  • Upload private documents.
  • Company events /news.
  • Holidays tracker.
  • Schedule your meetings.
  • Link with your work colleagues.
  • Check your salary / payslip.
  • Training and development .
Employees App

App Features & Capabilities

Moderate your menu and pages

Multifunctional Menu with 4 Types of Header and 3 Footer Options. Choose what is suitable for you and moderate your Pages.

Upload Documents

This button is for your customers / users to Attach some important Documents / Files / Images. From this element you can discover the customers needs and preferences for your business.

Text boxes

Text area is the same thing with text input but with bigger Empty Box for saving data. Let your customers write the answer to your question with their own words.

Upcoming Events

The element Events describe the Upcoming Events for the users. You can write and manage the events from Event Management.

Text Input

Text input is an Empty Box for saving data. Let your customers write the answer to your question with their own words.

Calendar for Holiday

Classic Calendar that by clicking the date you can Arrange Appointment or Schedule Holiday.


The Form gives you unlimited options in Checkbox design. Also gives you the possibility for vertical and horizontal display. Suitable for Marketing Research and other Questionnaires.


This Element is intended for digital Newspapers and Blogs but can be inserted anywhere. It has the capability to set up the iOS App with Titles, Articles, Images and Videos.

Custom Integrations

We offer dashboard integration with your own iPhone app, if you have the technology to do so. You can use our dashboard with your app, if we integrate our systems with yours. There are two ways to create a custom integration with your app - with a pull or push system.

Slack Intergration
Shopify Intergration
Slack Intergration

In a pull system your app makes a request to get the content of the page, towards the /page endpoint in our API. The API responds with a JSON object, containing the elements array, which describe the various elements.

In a push system, every change you make on our dashboard will trigger the firebase API to send notifications to your system. The push notifications would work the same way as the the pull system, but in a push system, every change of a page or the app settings can trigger a function that will send an HTTP request to your backend.