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UX builder has proven to be the perfect answer for anyone who is planning to expand their reach. No matter which business niche you are a part of, building an iOS application with our amazing app builder can bring about countless benefits for you.

Here Are Apps We Have Built

The UX Builder proved to significantly improve the ease of creating an app. There is no need to be an expert in iOS to start building an app with the App builder. Just sign up, create an app and add pages to your app. Then with the WYSIWYG editor you can add elements to pages, not very different than a website editor.

Sketch It Kids Game

Find out where the line ends

This game displays animations of objects - animals and object, and lets you guess where the animation stops, or where is the last dot that is drawn. You can also draw on top of the animated image so you can have as many guesses as needed. It works in a similar way as a puzzle, as you need to discover where the line ends.

CryptoPrices - Rates & News

View real time cryptocurrency market data, with features like:

  1. More than 100 different crypto currencies available
  2. Read News to keep yourself informed about possible trends
  3. Set custom alerts
  4. Ability to compare with other global currencies like (USD), (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), (GBP), (AUD), (CAD), and the (CHF).

Creative Builder App

Whiteboard drawing app

Creative builder is a whiteboard for you to draw and be creative. You can also draw on top of photos and then save them to your gallery.

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UX Builder is a platform that can help you build your perfect app. In this informational app you can find out more about the features and packages we offer.